Say Lovey Sparkling Rose Blush x 6

MHUDI - Say Lovey

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Say Lovey Sparkling Rose Blush x 6

C'est la vie, the French say. A popular phrase meaning 'such is life'. Well sometimes life happens, and when it does we need to embrace it and rise above it.

Enter Say Lovey. Most people take a sip, melt and shout "That is life!". So look on the bright side. There's nothing better than an ice-cold bottle of Say Lovey bubbly shared among friends. Pop the cork, feel lifted and spread the luurve.



This sparkling wine is off–dry (semi-sweet) with a gorgeous blush colour.

It has raspberry and candy floss flavours and aromas.

Spice up your summer picnics and light lunches. It pairs well with creamy, cheesy salads., cold meats and shellfish.


Alc: 12.71 RS: 29.6 g/l T A: 6.7 g/l pH: 3.21 VA: SO2: FSO2

6 x 750ml Bottle Case


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